Market Research in Shanghai

Finding the perfect Market Research in Shanghai for your company

Market Research in Shanghai include qualitative and quantitative research methods: from answering niche consumer issues in Shanghai to China market entry projects; from long-term Shanghai market audits to forward-thinking processes of market trend identification in Shanghai.

Professional expertise covers consumption patterns, U&A, brand equity, consumer insight, usability testing, trade marketing, competition framework, feasibility assessment, performance evaluation and so on. As determining whether you should enter the Chinese market, a market research in Shanghai will let you know whether it is the right thing to do for your company.

The final aim is to provide key drivers of growth to your operations in China. These include providing you with the access to distribution networks and a clear vision on how to sell in China.

Designing your business plan in Shanghai for a market entry or a product launch requires going beyond intuition and localizing your model in the Chinese market. Consulting firms promote a data-driven approach, including an initial market research stage. The better you understand all the dynamics driving your Chinese market, the better your strategy design for your market entry in Shanghai will be.



Branding in China

After entering the Chinese market, it is important to work on your branding strategy to avoid cultural mishaps and to get the customers to know you. In China, appearances matter more than in other parts of the world, and this is why your branding strategy will be so important, as your customers will choose or not to show your product.

Indeed, Chinese customers take great pride in their image, and how they are perceived. It is, therefore, necessary to succeed in turning your product into something Chinese people are comfortable showing to others or showing their effects.

Branding in China will differ in several domains that are not usually covered in other countries, such as the name of your company, or what message it sends alongside your logo. Naming your company and translating the name, but the product or service it sells is an important first step in China. But it is not the last one.

There are many more necessities when creating a branding strategy in China: the brand awareness, the brand identity are but mere pieces of the puzzle that you need to complete in order to develop your brand in China.

Your brand visibility in China will be particularly important, as the more a brand becomes a new trend in social media or conversations, the more its results will go up. Although your campaign will be solely up to you, there are various ways to verify if it has worked through a brand awareness campaign, using various surveys.

Developing your brand in China is not something you can do overnight, as it takes time for Chinese consumers to learn about your brand, and what it stands for. More often than once, brands are analyzed depending on the country they are from (i.e. French brands will be luxurious, German products are durable etc.…). It is paramount that your brand is capable to go over that hurdle before you can completely develop your brand image, and fully launch a branding campaign in China.


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